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Jim has been my first and only lawyer that I ever work with. I'm a mental health service provider who works with minors and throughout this experience Jim helped me realize that unfortunately nobody is exempt from sometimes having to deal with the law no matter how responsible that person can be. Jim is the type of lawyer that will be very certain of his knowledge on how to manage Department of Children and Families fair hearings to a level high enough to trust him even when I never experienced having the need to deal with administrative level fair hearings before. Furthermore, Jim is very competent due to his many years of experience handling these hearings and dealing with DCF generally. Yet he is also one of those rare attorneys who will readily admit when an issue exceeds the scope of his expertise. He relied on me to help him better understand my job and my area of expertise so that he could more effectively represent me at the hearing. Jim put 100% of his knowledge into the case and also gained (in a subtle, humble way) more critical information and expertise from me to better prepare for the hearing. The result was a winning strategy: it allowed Jim to represent me in a much more effective and credible way. In addition, his meticulous preparation of the presentation of our case and his preparation of me as a witness allowed me to be more effective at the hearing and made me more credible, especially where I have never testified at a hearing before and didn't know what to expect or how to answer questions effectively. This process, and Jim's approach, made me realize that it's not enough to know and hold the truth: that when the moment arrives, you have to be able to tell it clearly and persuasively and to also withstand cross-examination. When the system fails you and tries to crush you that feeling can be extremely demoralizing and make you lose faith in the system and in yourself. Because of Jim's efforts and vast knowledge and effective strategies he has restored my faith in the system.

- J.C.

“Thank you again for the effort you put forward on my family’s behalf. You were of great help and comfort to both my wife and myself during a tough time. I would never hesitate even for a second to recommend you to a family member or friend in need of legal services. I hope the best for you and your family.” 

- Barry P.

"Jim has been my attorney for nine years and has represented me in a wide range of matters, including a personal injury claim, the negotiation of several commercial leases, an RMV and criminal matter and a number of business deals and disputes. He really knows how to analyze issues and come up with a winning strategy. He has helped me out more times than I can remember. He is always responsive and is so approachable. I always know he will be available to help me whenever I need him."

- Ross H.

"Jim believed in my case when other lawyers didn't. Because of him, the insurance company paid my claim after initially denying it."

- Suzanne D.

"It was your diligence that kept DSS (DCF) doing what they needed to be doing. It was your commitment and tenacity that demonstrated to [the mother] and her attorney that enough was enough...You have a very quiet but extremely confident air about you. You took the time to know the case, and more importantly, to know [your client]...You showed up for [your client] in a big way...You literally gave him an opportunity for another life."

- An adoptive parent of a client child who was the
subject of a very contentious Care and Protection petition

"I want to thank you for all of the legal as well as friendly assistance you gave me during the last few months. You made selling my house so much easier because of your intelligence and diplomacy. I am very pleased that [ ] recommended you to me."

- Elizabeth K.