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Juvenile Law

Juvenile "Delinquent" Cases 

Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes people even have to go to jail for their mistakes. However, the law also recognizes that some people ought to be held less accountable for their actions than others are. In the case of juvenile crimes, this translates into the need to make sure that the mistakes already made are not compounded by the decisions of the court.

With certain exceptions, a juvenile offender is not subject to the same penalties or judicial process as adult offenders charged with the same crimes.  IaniriLaw LLC knows the juvenile justice systems and laws that apply to juvenile offenders.  We have helped many families and young people to avoid the potentially life-changing consequences of convictions. Our negotiation skills often allow our clients alternatives to convictions altogether.

Protect your child's  promising future. A delinquency conviction can mean future problems securing college funding, a job, and other government program benefits. Ianiri Law, LLC has represented many juveniles over 15 years in drug or alcohol related cases, assault and battery cases, larcency, disturbing school assembly cases, motor vehicle and sexual abuse cases and many other types of criminal cases.