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Juvenile Expulsion Hearings

Expulsion Hearings

Drug Possession

Child in Need of Services (CHINS)

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Juvenile Law

Expulsion Hearings

Your child has the right to an attorney at disciplinary hearings. We will prepare you and your child before the hearing.  Knowing the process and what is expected can make the process less difficult than it appears.  If you receive notice that your child has a scheduled hearing, contact us immediately to protect your child's rights.  Being proactive with school discipline issues can greatly affect whether or not your child remains in school.  We recommend you immediately get us involved when the subject of substance abuse or dangerous behavior is involved.  School matters can be just as important as court matters, long after your child becomes an adult. Protect your child's rights! 

We represent children in matters of:

  • Expulsion hearings.
  • Suspension hearings.
  • Disciplinary hearings.
  • Lockers and personal property searches 
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Criminal activity such as drugs, alcohol  or weapons possession on school property.
  • Assault or other aggressive behavior.